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consultation of ear checkup/otoscopy of ear canal looking for ear wax

Ear consultation

Not sure if the problem is wax? We're here to help! We will take the time needed to listen to you about the problem you are experiencing with your ears. If it's not wax we will be able to point you in the right direction.


microsuctioning ear wax in Norwich

Earwax removal

We use the safest and best approach to removing earwax - Microsuction. Using a microscope we will examine your ear canal down to the ear drum and carefully suction out the wax using a small suction device. 

endoscopic image of ear canal looking for ear wax and ear canal problems

Endoscopic imaging

We can show you the inside of your ear by using a small probe inside the ear canal that is connected to a computer. This enables you to appreciate what the problem is and see the result of our treatment. 

What to expect at your appointment 

  • Your appointment will last up to 30 minutes. 

  • First we will ask you about what symptoms or problems you've been having with your ears.

  • Next we will examine your ear canals with an otoscope.

  • Following this we will show you the inside of your ear canals. We do this by using a small rigid endoscope that magnifies the image onto a screen.  This enables us to show you the wax build up. 

  • We will then explain the process of microsuction and show you the microscope equipment. At this point we will confirm your consent. 

  • We will proceed to microsuction the wax. This involves the clinician looking down the mircoscope into the ear canal while using a small suction tube in the ear canal to suction the wax.

  • At the end of your appointment we will check how you are feeling and advise you on future ear care.

Frequently asked questions

Is wax a problem?

There are various theories as to why we produce ear wax. It's generally thought that it its our body's way of keeping the ear canal clean, with the canal slowly producing wax that naturally moves out of the canal with time. It can become a problem when too much is produced and builds up. This can cause reduced hearing and the uncomfortable feeling of the ear being blocked. 

What about ear syringing?

Ear syringing is a method that involves introducing water into the ear canal. It is no longer recommended for ear wax removal as it can cause infection and trauma to the ear canal. Microsuction is the 'Gold Standard' treatment for ear wax as recommended by NICE. 

What can I do to treat the wax myself?

We recommend using olive oil or sodium bicarbonate drops to the ears one or twice a day for a week. Sometimes this is enough to help your symptoms. Other times there is so much wax build up that microsuction is required to remove it. Use of cotton buds or tools to remove wax tend to only push it deeper and cause impactaction, making things worse! Using drops prior to your appointment softens the wax and makes microsuction more effective. 

What is microsuction?

'Micro' refers to the microscope that we use. We use a surgical grade microscope that gives us a high definition view of your ear canal. 'Suction' refers to the suction tube tip that we place inside the ear canal to suction out the wax. We do this while you are lying on your back with your head on a pillow. 

Is there anything I should do before my appointment?

We recommend using olive oil or sodium bicarbonate drops for a few days prior to your appointment, this helps to soften wax, making microsuction more effective. However microsuction can also be performed without any prior drops. 

When should I see my GP?

While we are doctors experienced in ENT, Grove Ear Clinic is limited to treating ear wax. If you are experiencing new ear symptoms such as pain, discharge or tinnitus, or suspect you have an infection, we recommend seeing your GP. Sometimes it can be difficult to know if wax is the problem, we can offer consultation and endoscopic ear imaging to confirm if there is wax before proceeding with microsuction.

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